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New Knowledge

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1 How to prepare the new generations for a life in a rapid changing society Anne Hoejholt 2022-08-25 PDF 0
During the 200.000 years of the existence of our species, homo sapiens, changes have occurred with an accelerating speed. This has led to necessary changes within the process of transferring knowledge, experiences and skills from one generation to the next. The objective of this article is to look into how the present schools can live up to the need of preparing the next generations for a life in a rapid changing society of which we only know that it will be different from society as it is of now.
2 How to feed the world in 2050 Daniel Chimutunga 2016-09-13 Photo 5 How to end hunger in the community
It is important to visualize for the future that will enhance the world with abundant food.
3 How to make a good speech Melody Chipadze 2016-08-08 PDF 2 good speach
The task is to practice speaking out and speaking in public, and to get started doing so