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New Knowledge

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No. Title Contributor Date Type Comments Last Comment
1 How to feed the world in 2050 Daniel Chimutunga 2016-09-13 Photo 5 How to end hunger in the community
It is important to visualize for the future that will enhance the world with abundant food.
2 Control Your Breathing to Control Your Mind Animesh Bandyopadhyay 2016-09-13 PDF 3 Good
Have you ever noticed that when you are surprised by incredible news you tend to hold your breath? It is a natural reaction.
3 Melody. How to make a good speech Lars Fribert 2016-08-08 PDF 2 good speek
The task is to practice speaking out and speaking in public, and to get started doing so
4 Contemporary World Exam Kambani Kufandiko 2016-08-08 Photo 2 contemporary world
What would happen if all the developing countries are contaminated with GMO crops.
5 Contemporary World Examination Katie Wandale 2016-08-08 Photo 1 • Ecological responsibility
-Read the following article about GMO crops; then answer the questions that follow by following what directives say.