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The One World University Digital Vestibule is the common online meeting space for all distance learners, tutors, on-site students and teachers at One World University.

The Digital Vestibule has been created because as intellectuals on the road to conquering new understanding and capacities, students and teachers need other intellectuals, to challenge assumptions, to set speed, to ask curious questions and to point out new angles or inconsistencies in an argument.

It is here you can seek and post information, get access to materials, post your own material, start and participate in One World University debates and vouch for New Knowledge and Research and Development to be posted on One World University Digital Showroom. By so doing you as student make yourself part of the larger collective of One World University students and teachers and distance learners around the world.
It is here you can seek advice on how to bring about change and you can report on action taken.

In the One World University Digital Classroom you, the distance learner, can get comments to your work and communicate with the tutor and the other distance learners in your group of students, “the class”. You can post answers, reports etc. to the tutor. The other distance learners in the class will also be able to see them. You will receive comments, corrections, suggestions and exam results from the tutor, teacher or other distance learners.
If you find a product worthy of being posted on the One World University Digital Showroom, you can vouch for it here. When two students and a tutor have vouched, a product can be posted on the Digital Showroom for the public to see and comment on.

In the One World University Main Calendar you can see main events covering all faculties, but you can also enter your own faculty and add events that will include other members of the faculty such as a panel discussion, a group exam or a research activity that you will undertake with other distance learners. By carefully using the Main Calendar, students become able to plan and execute collective projects even across borders. You thus become able to get from others and to give back at the appropriate moment.

You can create and take part in One World University Panels. A One World University Panel may be for all distance learners, on-site students and teachers, it may be for only one faculty or one class or it may be by invitation only for a specific group students and their teacher.

In the One World University Main Library you will have access to the study materials of the subjects in the format of DMM study tasks.

If you are a student or teacher at One World University, you can log in by clicking here - Login - or on the Login button in the top right corner.